Online Courses

LEAP Weekly Webinar Series

In just 20-minutes webinars, our team explores new cutting-edge topics, discusses research based evidence and provides easily implementable techniques.

0.00 USD

The Blueprint to Extraordinary Relationships

This teleseminar is all about learning to see someone through the "Green Lens". With five easy guidelines, looking at a situation or person in a positive, trusting, and respectful way has never been more possible. In only 60 minutes, you will have the tools and skill sets necessary to completely change the way you view situations to produce the most extraordinary outcomes.

9.99 USD

Leadership Communication Mini-Series

Explore the "Conversational Essentials" in this six module, online course. Each module provides research-based information, cutting-edge activities, and transformational coaching tools and skill sets.

These five proven techniques cultivate an open mindset within ourselves and allow us to build deeper connections with others.

The Conversational Essentials are conversational practices that can 'reset' your neurochemistry for trust and activate the ability to co-create with others.

99.97 USD

Being One's Fullest Contribution: A Psychologically Safe Workplace

Being One's Fullest Contribution: A Psychologically Safe Workplace is an eLearning series designed to explore the fundamentals of psychological safety: speak up, listen up and follow up.

This eLearning will introduce participants to the importance of psychological safety in the workplace and the research that supports the need to cultivate it within your teams and organizations.

This program was specially designed to provide research and knowledge paired with implementable techniques and interactive activities to practice the new skills.

It's time to support all employees in bringing their fullest self to work.

49.97 USD